Baby it’s cold outside! Easy tips and tricks to improve your home this winter.


Chicago can be brutal in the winter…and anyone who has lived here knows winter can last through May (save me!!)! Being that I’m fairly new to this climate, I’ve been searching for some DIY ways to save time and money around the house. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you out this frigid time of year.

1. Move to Hawaii!

2. Outlets and switch boxes on exterior walls have gaps that are not insulated allowing cold air into your home. To prevent it: Install fire-retardant foam gaskets behind the plates.

3. Exterior doors have a standard 1/8″ gap around them allowing even more cold air to come in! For a tight seal, apply silicone weather-stripping to the sides and top and install a silicone sweep under the bottom.

4. Add stakes along your sidewalk and driveway and the markers will help you to know where to stop shoveling.

5. Prevent falling on your a@#! Use sand on those slippery stoops and sidewalks and install tread tape for slick surfaces.

6. Get that entry winter ready! Buy an absorbent doormat and boot scraper for the outside and add a matt inside for extra protection.

Stay warm!



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