Bon Voyage! Travel Season Packing Tips

After a hideously long winter that just won’t end, EVERYONE is ready to sink their toes into the sand!  The only thing that can taint your good times is a packing disaster!

What you pack and HOW you pack can make or break your vacation, so why chance it. Avoid the drama by being prepared! Here are some my essential packing tips to get your trip off to the right start.

Happy travels!

Love always,


Make a packing list! Start a few days in advance so you have enough time to plan and be sure to check the weather report!

To check or not to check? When ever possible, I always pack light and bring my luggage on board. It saves you time at the airport and the hassle of lost luggage nightmares.

Layers – It’s essential to pack clothes that can go from day to night.  Don’t get caught in the packing matrix where you convince yourself you need to pack that extra pair of shoes! Put your outfits together before the trip so you have it all planned out before you hit the ground running.

Watch it! Never EVER pack your jewelry or valuables in checked luggage. Keep them close and find travel size options for your favorite makeup and perfume so it can fit in your carry on.

Get a little help… Eagle Creek Luggage is where it’s at! They have all of the essential packing aids you can image. I couldn’t survive without their pack-it bags! Check out what else they have to make packing less of a pain!

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Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Cube Set

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Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Folder

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Eagle Creek Specter Sac Set

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