Crossfit Girls Are HOT! Getting Fit With Alison

My life can be a bit hectic now and then and it’s hard to find time to work out.  I know everyone has their own routine and they preach about how amazing it is, but for me, Crossfit  is by far the greatest way to transform my body and never get bored doing it!

I’ve been blessed with zero patience so I need a workout that takes 30 minutes or less and a routine that’s always new and exciting. The WOD (workout of the day) on  focuses on muscle confusion and is never, ever boring.  Whether I’m taking a class or doing my own WOD at the gym, Crossfit is the only way I work out!

Handstand pushups, kettlebells, deadlifts oh my…… Here are some fun pics to get you motivated.

                   Deadlift bar, 45 pounds + rubber weights, 100 pounds = amazing backside.

Backsquat bar 45 pounds, rubber weights 120 pounds = having my legs give out on me at Petsmart the next day.

Me at 80!  I can only hope!



What do you think?