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I am beyond excited to share this news with you and can’t hold it back anymore!  I’ve collaborated with HomeAdvisor to develop the greatest design app EVER!  DesignMine is a free app that truly embraces the way we see design and how we start to tackle those projects we only dream of.  Think Pinterest with a purpose.  Why are we pinning so much and where do they go once we do pin them?  DesignMine gives you the ability to creat your very own custom design boards using photos from our library of over 50,000 pictures, or you can upload photos straight from your own library or from the internet!  We give you the ability to arrange your photos the way you want by choosing from our 4 different templates.  If you like a picture, but only want the barstool at the island, you have the ability to zoom in and capture just that piece for your board.  The options are endless and the opportunity to share your board is my favorite part!
Check out the design boards I’ve created and this amazing app in action!

Getting started is easy! Download the app and get a quick tutorial.
DM Get Started
Learn how to create your custom boards…
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Sharing your ideas made simple!
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Check out some my personal design boards and get inspired!



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