Fired UP! DIY Fire Pit

Create A Beautiful, Clean-Burning Ethanol Fire Pit! 

Have you started dreaming of summer yet?  Sitting around an outdoor fire pit is a fun way to spend your summer nights.  The glow of a fire, making s’mores with family and friends, spells happiness for me.

Maybe that’s why I became so intrigued with the Urth Fire Pit I saw at the Brown Jordan Showroom this week. This fire pit runs on clean burning ethanol ~ a fuel available at Amazon.

Now I have to admit that I’m more of a “done for you” gal than a “do-it-yourselfer” but it would be fun to create one of these ethanol burning fire pits.  Here’s how:

1. Start with the ethanol burner insert available at Amazon.

2. Select a pretty planter pot that’s wider and deeper than the burner insert.  It might be modern and organic like a hand made concrete pot or a colorful glazed one.

3. Add all-purpose sand below and around the burner insert. 

4. Collect garden rocks or buy fire-rated glass stones to cover the sand being careful to leave the burner insert exposed.

5. In the evening, carefully fill the burner insert with ethanol fuel and light with a long lighter switch.  Use the snuffer lid that comes with the burner insert to snuff out the flames at the end of the evening.

Around a fire pit, you’ll want to use all the precautions that you would with any kind of open flame.  However, this clean burning fuel won’t give off any noxious gases.  You’ll be able to enjoy the glow of the fire without smelling natural gas fumes or polluting with a wood burning fire.

Here’s to your long-awaited summer.  Enjoy!

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