GET A GRIP! – How To Choose Cabinet Hardware

A design downer when renting is not being able to paint or customize your kitchen cabinets, but you can change out the hardware to reflect your style and personality! The best part… can take them with you when you move! Here are a few of my favorites…



  1. Louis XV Pull, by P.E. Guerin

 2. Quatrafoil Knob, by Rocky Mountain

 3. Shagreen Cylinder, by Alexander Marchant

   4. Shift Pull, by Rocky Mountain

5. Province Pull, by Rocky Mountain

   6. Ornamental Flower, by Alexander Marchant

   7. Woodpecker Knob, by Rocky Mountain

8. Modern Recessed Ring, by P.E. Guerin

9. Luna Knob, by Rocky Mountain

10. Antler Melody Knob, by Anthropologie




What do you think?