Organize Your Holiday Decor

Are you suffering from a Christmas hangover like me?  Guests are gone and the parties have wrapped but all the holiday decor remains.  Needing some major organizational help, I found this fabulous blog,  Jen has genius tips to help you manage the madness, so next year decking the halls will be a breeze!  

Happy New Year!



Decorating Door

Short on space?  Use the back of a closet or pantry door!

Ribbon Box

Genius solution for unraveling rolls! Use small dowels and a plastic basket for ribbon storage.

Ball Bag

 For those shatter-proof items, store them in Ziplock bags and transparent containers.

Velcro Tie

Velcro strips to wrap all your cords – so simple!

Egg Carton

Finally, protect your delicate ornaments in durable egg cartons. So easy!

What do you think?