Picasso on a Payment Plan: Secret To Getting Fine Art On A Budget

If you are like me…you have commitment issues when it comes to buying art. Art is so personal and sometimes so expensive that taking the leap and actually buying it may take you years.

That’s why I’m letting you in on my secret. I discovered an amazing company that is revolutionizing how we buy and share art. Revolving Collections Gallery leases authentic art for your apartment, home or office space for a low monthly fee. You can select from pieces created by professional artists and change them out as often as you’d like… or just when you need a change of pace for your place. If you don’t know what piece would fit perfectly into what space, it’s simple! Just meet with one of their consultants to find the perfect piece that suits you!

After living with your new artwork for six months, you make the call – can you live without it? Great news, all art is for sale! Your monthly payments earn credits towards the purchase, making it easy to live without buyers remorse!

See how these spaces have been transformed with art from Revolving Collections Gallery and how it might work for you!

Happy curating!

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Revolving Collections Gallery

Rev Gal


Rev Gal2

Willis Tower, Private Office



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