OK! Magazine Interview September 2014: Tips For a Successful Kitchen Renovation


Each week on DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers interior designer Alison Victoria gives home improvement store shoppers the surprise of their lives when she springs a kitchen renovation on them, courtesy of her team, of course. If you aren’t one of the lucky few given the opportunity to reap the benefits of Alison’s expertise in-person, she chats with OK! about the easy projects weekend warriors can do to give their own digs a modern update.

OK!: What are some easy ways to update a kitchen when you’re not the handiest at home renovations?
Alison Victoria: Simple tricks to give your kitchen a facelift include installing pull out drawers in your existing lower cabinet doors, changing out your cabinet hardware, adding open shelving, installing a back splash and installing under cabinet lighting.

OK!: When you’re looking to hire someone to renovate your kitchen, what are the important questions to ask?
AV: Ask them everything. This person is becoming a huge part of your life for the next four to six months. References are so important and calling them requires the right questions as well. How was the overall process, did he or she help you stay on budget, did he over promise or under deliver and most importantly how is their relationship now that the job is done. Seem like a lot of questions? Good. This is a very intimate relationship so there is no such thing as asking too may questions.

OK!: What are some of your favorite trends in kitchens these days?
AV: I’ve never been a huge fan of trends in the kitchen. After all, a kitchen is a kitchen is a kitchen. You always need cabinets, counter tops and appliances and following the trends on these can cost you a pretty penny when that trend is no longer hot! Pay attention to the timeless “trends.” Subway tile and white cabinetry will never go out of style. I’m loving the new microwave drawers. It’s a great way to save space and free up your countertops.

OK!: What should home owners avoid that could actually depreciate the value of their home when they are looking to sell?
AV: Back splash tiles with fruit designs are a big no-no! Avoid installing laminate counters as well. It may be an inexpensive fix for you, but potential buyers will only see dollar signs.

OK!: Finish this sentence, you know your kitchen needs a reno when…
AV: …the sink literally throws up! When the plumbing is bad it’s time for an update.

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