Vegas Magazine: Alison Gramenos Dreams of Mansions

Alison Gramenos is following her dream career path, whipping up stunning design projects in brand-new, multimillion-dollar neighborhoods. After moving to Las Vegas from her native Chicago in 1999, the Greek beauty received her degree in interior architecture from UNLV and started with local design studio. Four years later, Christopher Homes came calling, and Gramenos began working on mansion in Southern Highlands. “The Las Vegas home-building industry was at its peak,” says Gramenos, who at 25 already has firm grasp of the business. “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Today Gramenos is the lead designer on Christopher’s Tuhaye project, a new 1900-acre community in another booming enclave, Park City, Utah. Although that means spending at least spending one day a week in the chic ski town, Gramenos is still all about Sin City. “I love it here. There’s so much opportunity, especially with the growth,” she says. “I meet great people, and Vegas is a really good place to network.” When she’s not on the job, Gramenos is still designing, only a far more personal project. “I’m really enjoying fixing up my new home in Southern Highlands.”

Interior design has been a passion since I childhood, when Gramenos would spend hours decorating- and then redecorating- her room and the rooms of her girlfriends. “I guess I would say that I have a more traditional style when it comes to interior design. Coming from Chicago, I grew up with all that history, and that’s what I like to reflect in my work.” That said, Gramenos has nothing against the sparkling newness of her adopted city, and she’s learned to navigate its somewhat dicey waters like a pro. “Las Vegas is a crazy town with tremendous opportunity and risky temptations. You just have to have the right balance of both to keep your head on straight, and success is at your fingertips.”

–Kate Bennett


Where do you see yourself in 10 year?
“I see myself owning my own interior design firm in Las Vegas, and maybe one in Chicago as well.”

What is your wardrobe essential?
“Jeans. I love my Seven Jeans. Also, handbags are my favorite things. I have a great Chloe collection. I’m a bag girl, not really a shoe girl.”

Favorite night spot:
“It’s got to be the Whiskey at Green Valley Ranch.”

Celebrity Crush?
“John Cusack. He’s from Chicago after all.”.

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