Right Foot Forward: Stylish Protective Footware For Any Crasher

We all know that I have an issue with proper footwear on my show, but let’s face it… my love for crashing kitchens AND heels is never going to change. So what’s a girly girl to do? I’ll tell you, make it a win-win situation!

I couldn’t be happier with the trends right now! Flannel shirts and “constructionesque” booties (like the ones I’m sharing below) are so in for fall.  Someone is definitely looking out for me. Here is a sneak peek of what I’m hiding under my jeans in each episode.

This suede wedge by COLIN STUART  fulfills my nude shoe fetish and protects my tootsies from any dangerous shrapnel or glass when kicking windows out.

The big horn lace up bootie by DOLCE Mojo Moxy is a little rugged, with a lot of attitude and just the right amount of construction chic.

What do you think of my fancy footwear on Kitchen Crashers?

Send your suggestions my way or leave them in the comments below, but keep in mind, I’m a tiny designer living in a big contractor world and need to stand my ground… especially since only cover 5 feet of it.

What do you think?