This Girl is Stacked: Assouline Obsession

What can I say, I adore this publishing powerhouse. No matter what I’m looking for, ASSOULINE has it. Everything from interior design, art, fashion, travel, lifestyle to biographies…..they personify luxury!

Here are some  of my favs…  J’adore!

My personal stack of ASSOULINE :)

Ode’ to the woman who made “The Tan” a trend and invented costume jewerly!
Fashion ICON and all around genuis, CHANEL (Three Book Set $75)

Learn how to live it up like the pros!
250 glossy pages of House & Garden’s most decadent interiors inside THE WELL LIVED LIFE ($65)

Feel like mixing it up?
This book celebrates the classic simplicity of getting hammered.
A round of VINTAGE COCKTAILS for everyone! ($50)

What do you think?