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Springtime has sprung and we want to celebrate the flowers and colors with an Art Party.  Our base is a vintage French dining table. Notice the carvings and the curves of the legs, which is repeated in the detail along the edge of the table.  DIY tip, we distressed-painted the table to suit our tastes.

We painted chargers on white art paper with acrylic art paint – quick, colorful.  Let them dry and then set the table, mixing R Wood Pottery dinner plates and a springy mix of Royal Crown Derby “Mikado” pattern china.  A mix of vintage silver-plate cutlery and carefree Italian acrylic glassware round out the tableware.  Hothouse color cloth napkins unify the colors and frame each plate setting.

photo 1

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Then it’s time for the centerpiece – daffodils and mint from the yard, tulips from the Trader Joe’s (ours weren’t blooming) blend for a relaxed, soft centerpiece in Blenko glass water bottles and even the galvanized watering can.  Tip – cut the stems on an angle to keep flowers fresher longer.

The mint was plunked right into a Mason jarful of water to keep it fresh for our famous Mint Juleps.  A muddler makes crushing your mint leaves easier and pretty paper straws make your drinks yummier!

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To add to the party details, we painted name cards to set on little easels.  Guests can doodle-paint as they visit, making their own party favors/takeaways.

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Pillows on the Robert dining bench are our fabric –Tulip Gingham, Tulip Circles, Ocean Gingham & Ocean Circles 

All fabrics are available at www.stevemckenzies.com

Photos by Christina Wedge Photography







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