Spring Fever: The Ultimate Kitchen Cleanse

Everyone is on this juice cleanse craze to jump start their beach bodies…but my idea of a cleanse is a little different!


Spring fever is in the air and we all know what that means…time to clean! Winter is hitting the road and paving the way for warmer days and the kitchen is the place to start when launching your cleaning blitz. Below are some great tips to get you organized, along with my favorite products that make cleaning a little more luxurious… if that’s possible!


DE-CLUTTER: Out with old and in with the new! What haven’t you used in the last year? Is it past its prime and taking up precious storage real estate? Don’t be a product hoarder! Go through your pantry and household cleaning inventory and take stock.  Properly dispose and replace them with greener options (like the ones below).


APPLIANCES: Attack the refrigerator and freezer and clean everything out! Wipe down all surfaces and inside drawers and all small appliances until they shine. Remove oven knobs and burner covers to clean separately in hot soapy water. If you really want to go all the way  pull your appliances out from the wall and vacuum.  If you’ve seen the show you know how nasty it can be behind there!


SURFACES: When wiping down surfaces, be mindful of what chemicals you are using. Do they contain ammonia or harsh abrasives? Are you using them on your granite and wood floors? Cleaning these surfaces with products that also treat them will keep them beautiful for years to come.


JUNK DRAWERS: We are all guilty of having a junk drawer (or two) in our kitchen. Now is the perfect time to clean them out and make them a functional part of the kitchen again.  Once you’ve actually found the bottom of the drawer,  use your favorite decorative paper and line your cabinet drawers with them.  After all… they deserve a little love after all of that junk is out!

Happy cleansing!


#1 Ravioli Hemp Scrubby by Twist

#2 Lavender Pine Powdered Scrub by Caldrea

#3 Spit Polish Steel Cleaner by Murchison

#4 Vacuum Beads by Good Home

#5 French Inspired Cotton Dishtowels by ETSY

#6 Lean & Mean Brush by Full Circle Home

#7 Daily Granite Cleaner by Method

#8 Lavender Counter Spray by Mrs. Meyers

What do you think?