Style is served! A delicious DIY weekend project!

On an episode of Kitchen Crashers I uncovered some amazing 1960’s throw back wallpaper. I wanted to be able to incorporate the wallpaper into the new kitchen and came up this simple DIY project!

Not only is it pretty to look at, trays are practical as well and can work in any space in your house.

Here’s what you will need to get started!
* Deep Frame (Wood)
* Metallic Paint (If you want to give the tray a more glamorous look)
* Decorative Paper, Wall Covering or Gift Wrap
* Two Cabinet Handles (New or Salvaged)
* An Electric Drill, Screw Driver, Measuring Tape, Xacto Knife & Pencil


1} When picking out a frame make sure to get one with depth and be mindful of choosing a material you can drill through. If you can’t find a frame in the exact color you want – paint it!


2} Remove the back of the frame and the glass insert. If painting, make sure to allow the paint to completely dry before reassembling.


3} Using the measuring tape, lightly mark where you’re going to drill holes for your handles. Make sure they match up on both sides!

4} Drill holes for each handle through the sides of the frame using a screwdriver to tighten the handles. You can put the handles on the sides like I did or on the top of the frame depending on the length of your screws.


5} Cut the decorative paper to size and install behind the glass as if you’re framing a picture.


Loving the handles on both of these trays? They could be yours! The Metallic Driftwood Handle and the Fixed Rope Handle available at 

What do you think?