Sweaters Be Gone! Spring Closet Makeover and Design

Spring is here and it’s time for the seasonal wardrobe swap! It’s always a pain in the ass and getting this space organized can be a challenge, especially if it lacks inspiration.  Not all of us can hire someone to recreate a celebrity closet, but making a few simple changes can get you organized and feeling like one!

I wanted to share some easy tips and tricks…and some simple DIY projects so you organize in style!

Happy organizing friends!

Love always,



Purge Closet

PURGE:  You know the rules- if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate or sell it at a consignment store. Remove everything from your closet and start with a fresh pallet.  Keep your staple pieces and ask yourself “when is the last time I wore this?”

shoe organization

IN ITS PLACE: Everything should have a home in your closet.  Use decorative boxes or baskets and label them to house your belts, scarves and even your sweaters for the winter.

Color Code Boxes

DESIGN UP: With small spaces, bring the eye up by utilizing the walls with storage all the way up to the ceiling.


Color Cord Closet

COLOR CODING: It may tedious, but trust me, color-coding your closet will save you time and frustration.

Shoe Wall

DIY:  Paint some decorative crown molding and use it to display your favorite shoes!

Glass Shoe Closet

Display your shoes like artwork! If you have a wall that isn’t deep enough for hanging or drawers, simply paint it and add glass shelving.  You’ll feel like you’re shopping every time you go to grab a pair!

Wallpaper Closet

You look at your closet everyday, so why not look at something that inspires you? Find wallpaper you love and line the back of your closet wall.  Easy breezy!

Jewelry Idea Closet

Use an old picture frame and paint it.  Add some tree branches and hang your necklaces!

Knob Jewelry Rack

Don’t forget the jewels!  I love reclaimed wood and beautiful door hardware.  Mix and match the hardware and hang your jewelry.

Bag Wall Closet

Finishing Touches:  I love this concept! Personalize your closet by framing your favorite shopping bags and display them above your accessories.

What do you think?