That’s a Wrap! Wrapping Tips For Gift Giving In Style

It’s that time of year when weddings and baby showers seem to be back to back on my calendar.  Not to mention Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and graduations! 

To me, the gift wrapping is just as important as what’s inside!  Whatever the occasion, there is always a way to make your gift stand out!

Check out a few fresh wrapping ideas I love, plus some great tips to inspire you.

Happy giving!

Love always,

Rainbow Wrap

For the graduate: A clever use of newspaper and strips of colored paper weaved together to give it a playful look!

Boating Gift Wrap

Engagement gift:  When cruising craft stores or antique shops, be on the look out for little trinkets as gift toppers.  Using a solid paper will make this topper POP!

4 U Gift Wrap

Wedding gift:  Letters and numbers keep it simple and fun! Use the bride and grooms initials, wedding date or a short word to describe the occasion. 

Baby Gift Wrap

Baby Shower:  Craft paper should be your gift station staple! It’s neutral tone works well with every gift.  Adorn it with a simple ribbon finished off with a diaper pin, pacifier or baby rattle and your gift will be the talk of the party!

Crayon Wrap

Kids Birthday Party:  The gift that keeps on giving!

Ombre Gift Wrap

DIY ombre:  Light pink and white for a baby shower?  White and silver for a wedding? Endless possibilities with a little paint and some twine.

Boy or Girl Shower Gift Wrap 

Don’t know the sex of the baby? This is a perfect gender-neutral wrap option.

Feather Gift Wrap

Don’t have the patience to create your own feathers? No worries, pick some up from the craft store for an organic twist.

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